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Firststan Capital offers a wide range of financial tools and programs such as business loans, invoice factoring, bridge loans, and corporate debt buying. With flexible terms and win-win deals, our highly trusted financial consultants will walk you through to the fulfillment of your goals.

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Business Loan

SMEs significantly help Singapore’s already thriving economy to prosper more. But, many still have the challenge of finding enough capital. It is possible for entrepreneurs to build a business from scratch through hard work and perseverance. However, this strategy may prove to be inefficient if you want to attain faster business growth. This is where our business loan offers come to the rescue. We want to help people start or expand their businesses by offering flexible loans with minimum requirements in order to grow businesses, add more jobs, and uplift the country's economy. We can negotiate for the best deals...

Invoice Factoring

Cashflows are the lifeblood of businesses. Monthly, weekly, or even daily income can make or break the entrepreneur's dream. Business incomes are results-driven and may not come at a time of your choosing. Unfortunately, monthly dues continuously stack-up no matter what. Singapore has an expensive lifestyle and employees need a consistent means of income. Office rent and machine maintenance also add-up to the bill. Unfortunately, due obligations wait for no one and will not consider invoices that are trapped in limbo while awaiting liquidation. This is when our invoice factoring comes in handy. At a reasonable rate of up to...

Bridging Loan

Relocating in a better home in a small country with limited land like Singapore is a great accomplishment. However, one of the biggest obstacles for most property seekers is having enough funds for the downpayment. In most cases, people who sold their old properties didn't get the payment proceeds right away. That’s where our bridge loan program can help. Bridge loans get rid of the gap between the sale of the old property to the ownership of a new one. With short term loans of up to 12 months, we can help property owners pay up their down payments to...

Corporate Debt Buying

We will assume your risks Imagine rushing deadlines and voluntarily working overtime to satisfy your clients' needs, only to have them delay their debt obligations. Let's say it was during a recessionary period; you might give them the benefit of the doubt by having a mutual agreement on a specific payment date. Lo and behold, your client's cunning nature had camouflaged their deceitful intentions - they are now uncontactable. We are far too familiar with unscrupulous customers that put on a false front. Some of these people enter into an agreement fully knowing that they are financially incapable of paying...

Debt Consultancy

Debt can make or break a company’s economic growth. If debts are not handled in the utmost of care, it can ruin people’s livelihood and peace of mind. With our no-obligation debt consultancy services, we can help you make an in-depth analysis of debts in your name or your company’s and create proper arrangements and payment plans that will work for both you and your creditors. Issues will not arise if loans and debts are paid on time. However, mispayments can incur hefty fees and interests that may hurt the business budget. In these cases, we provide debt consolidation plans...

Investments & Collaboration

We cater not only to individuals and businesses who need capital on hand. For those looking to passively grow surplus funds, we offer profitable investments based on one’s risk tolerance. Our goal is to have a long-term relationship with our clients through real-time collaboration. By finding alternative investment opportunities, we can provide the right leverage both for the borrowers and the investors. We provide great investment and collaborative opportunities that are more favorable than traditional investment methods with our wide professional networks of financial consultants, diversified funds, and state-of-the-art technology. While helping different enterprises gain capital, investors can choose how...