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Corporate Debt Buying

We will assume your risks

Imagine rushing deadlines and voluntarily working overtime to satisfy your clients’ needs, only to have them delay their debt obligations. Let’s say it was during a recessionary period; you might give them the benefit of the doubt by having a mutual agreement on a specific payment date. Lo and behold, your client’s cunning nature had camouflaged their deceitful intentions – they are now uncontactable.

We are far too familiar with unscrupulous customers that put on a false front. Some of these people enter into an agreement fully knowing that they are financially incapable of paying the full amount. It might be defaulting on interest or monthly payments agreed beforehand. Simply put, we live in a sinful world where immoral human beings are free to roam around, bringing misery to others without keeping their part of the promise.

You could get the financial expertise of debt collection agencies at a relatively high commission rate. These organisations are ill-famed for their no-mercy approaches that might be against the law, giving your company a bad image for adopting aggressive debt collection methods. Besides, there is no 100% guarantee that your debts can be recovered.

Alternatively, you could take a safer approach in recovering a client’s debt. Here, we will undertake your debt risks and even if it means that your client default on us, you will still receive a fixed payment.

Let us do the donkey work

Growing a business is hard enough. The passion, time, energy put inside your everyday routine business activities will be both physically and mentally taxing. Have you had a moment of realisation of how much time is spent on administrative legal works or redundant phone calls on customers that are running away from promised payments? It is an exhaustive process that keeps you from enjoying your coffee moments each morning and irritates you from having a good night sleep.

The process of debt collection is so elaborate and torturous. From clenching your teeth by first providing a friendly reminder to sending continuous payment demands, it might still lead you to a dead-end. Take a detour and spare your company the donkey work. With our technical know-how, we are willing to accept your debts that were outstanding since months or even years ago. Not only will you get the peace of mind you’ve been craving for, but you will also receive instant payments at the snap of a finger. Just sit back, return to your daily routines, and shut your mind from the laborious duties of debt collection.

Solve your cash flow issues/Get instant payment

We all hate a person that can’t keep his/her promises. The same goes for business dealings. A sales contract acts as a word of honour, a commitment that promises payment at a later date while you expend your resources to give clients the benefit of the doubt. You might have an expansion layout in hand, along with a budget plan that is built upon forecasting your customers’ payments. These non-payments could ruin everything, posing a cash-flow issue to your company and delay future plans which you were so optimistic about.

Perhaps it could be your first time making the salient discovery of the wickedness in the business world. Your forgiving and sympathetic nature was abused by black-hearted customers who feel morbidly righteous even from defaulting on payments. Let our professionals take the helm in the debt collection process. We will be fully responsible of your debtors, from chasing them to taking court actions if necessary. In return for taking on this burdensome task, we provide you with instant cash flow solutions.

To give you a little gist of our buying rates: We purchase your debt after considering the probabilities of recovering the amount. What could be regarded as junk in your perspective, we see it as a hidden treasure. Get in touch with one of our consultants through the ‘Contact Us’ button or at . We will perform an in-depth analysis of your documents to provide you with an accurate price quote.

Increase your bad debt liquidation rate

Profitability does not equate to healthy cash flows. You wouldn’t want to get too absorbed into generating profits, to the point of relaxing your credit terms. After all, bad debts are a hassle, and could complicate the budgeting process for the next year of operations.

The recovery of bad debts is imperative to maintain a healthy cash flow, and we know that far too well. There are laws put into place to protect business owners, and modernisation had led to the opening of debt collection businesses. As attractive as these options sounds, they come with a set of flaws and further risks involved. Moving towards the litigation route for recovery suits would incur legal fees, on top of the losses of revenue from bad debts. In a situation whereby the customer/client had filed for bankruptcy, there will be zero opportunities to recover the money owed.

On the other hand, debt collectors are not a fool-proof method to retrieve your hard-earned money. Alas, you would have incurred hefty commission fees after actively searching for a reputable and legal debt collector. Thanks to modernisation, the debt buying industry had evolved in recent years. Our business strategies eliminate the flaw encountered in the two scenarios above. We do not charge commission or legal fees, nor do we leave you in the dark regarding the collection of your debts.

We pride ourselves in our zero-hassle strategy. You will transfer the tedious process of debt collection to us, while we provide you with an upfront payment. No matter how you look at it, it is a win-win situation that improves your bad debt liquidation rate.

In sum, we are basically the middleman for helping you connect the dots between money owed and money paid. If you’re unsure of the debt collection process, we are here to take ownership of it for you. Our team’s well-established presence in the debt collecting industry will be more than willing to provide you with a consultation on how the debt-buying process works.


Our rates vary according to the age of debt and the number of 3rd-party debt collectors hired to chase for debt payments.

For instance, fresh debts with up to 6 months of age without any attempt made to pursue debt collecting actions will be offered a higher debt purchase price. Conversely, secondary debts of 18 months to 30 months of age with multiple debt collectors hired to pursue payments are valued at a lower price point.

We would need the basic information of: original account number, outstanding balance, debtors’ social security number and additional documents that will assist us in the collection process. These documents will aid in providing evidence in the case of a debt collection litigation process.

No, we will assume full responsibility in the debt collection process.

As a licensed firm, we will comply with the Singapore Law. We will refrain from resorting to overly aggressive methods that will tarnish your business image.

We will issue a letter to inform your debtors of our legal rights to collect payments from them.