Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Anyone can apply a loan from us with the relevant and verified documents.

Our debt counselling service is completely free.

We will derive a practical solution to solve your individual needs. For instance, we will advise you debt repayment options such as the debt consolidation plan which manages individuals with multiple debt obligations.

Financial debt is a frightening situation that none of us wants to be in. We will assist you in making sound borrowing decisions to stray away from the path of indebtedness.

A debt consolidation plan merges all your existing non-secured loans (e.g. credit card debts or personal loans) into a bundle, with lower interest rates. It prevents the hassle of making separate repayments and avoids accidental mispayments that incur hefty penalties.

A debt consolidation plan is only available for Singaporeans and permanent residents (PR) at the moment. To be eligible, you must have an annual income of between S$30,000 and S$120,000. Also, the total unsecured loans must account for a minimum of 12 months of your annual income.

There is no minimum or maximum amount for business loans. We will strive to provide a loan that accommodates to the needs of your business. However, do note that the total loan amount may vary based on the company financial statements and documents supplied.

To apply for a business loan, we require the following documents:

  • NRIC copies of the company’s directors
  • Financial statements of the company for the last 6 months
  • Income Tax Notices of Assessment of the business owner(s)
  • Latest ACRA business profile
  • Tenancy agreement for the company’s office and/or facility premises

Processing of business loan application typically requires a period of two weeks. This takes into account a large amount of paperwork involved and high volume of loan applications that banks would receive.

While it is easy to apply for business loans in Singapore, a successful application may elude businesses more often than not. In 2019, only 39% of small-medium enterprises (SMEs) was eligible for business loans. Not every business can take advantage of business loans for various reasons including: insufficient revenue and bank balances, weak financial performance, lack of minimum local shareholdings and low credit scores.

Firstan Capital provides both secured and unsecured loans that proffer the flexibility for your next big step, regardless of your company size, or the industry you may be in. We are an established business loan provider who has lent a helping hand to many companies in industries such as automobile, food and beverage, transportation, and logistics industries, and more. Our financial experts have a wealth of experience in advising businesses in order to determine the optimal loan amount, tenure, and interest rates to suit your one-of-a-kind needs.

We will assess the following:

  1. Gross monthly income and debt levels. (E.g. credit card debt).
  2. Your other debt obligations such as personal loans, student loans or car loans.
  3. The estimated sales proceeds of your current property. The outstanding figure on your existing home loan and your housing type. (E.g. 5-room HDB/Condominium/Landed property).

Upon a quick and thorough review of your documents, we will advise you on the affordability rate of your desired property. Priding ourselves in transparency, our team will display an array of loan options for you to choose from. These would vary in terms of the loan period, monthly repayment, and the maximum loan amount that you are qualified for.

Note: The above list is non-exhaustive. Our customer representatives will gladly walk you through the types of documents that you need to provide.

If you are selling an existing HDB:

  1. Option to purchase (OTP)
  2. Identity card (IC)
  3. Bank account statement
  4. First appointment letter from HDB detailing the arrangement of your resale application
  5. In-principal approval letter from HDB
  6. A letter of undertaking from a law firm acting in the sale of property


Please contact our customer representative to obtain the full list of documents required if you are selling a private property or condominium.

Worry not, our team will do an in-depth review of your credit standing before letting you know on the loan amount that you are entitled to. Unfortunately, we do not accept applicants who are an undischarged bankrupt.

Each of our clients is entitled to different loan amounts with their own unique sets of terms and fees. Usually, the tenure rate will be 6 months and will cover 15% to 20% of the purchase price of your new property.

Our professionals will gladly assist in providing a no-obligatory price quotation. Besides, we will advise you on the type of loan suitable for your financial status. To provide further reassurance, we are a licensed team that is regulated under MAS. In an effort towards transparency of fees, late payment penalties along with administrative costs will be highlighted.

Yes, we place a firm stance on confidentiality in our firm. All of your documents and identity will not be disseminated for marketing purposes.