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Investments & Collaboration

We cater not only to individuals and businesses who need capital on hand. For those looking to passively grow surplus funds, we offer profitable investments based on one’s risk tolerance.

Our goal is to have a long-term relationship with our clients through real-time collaboration. By finding alternative investment opportunities, we can provide the right leverage both for the borrowers and the investors.

We provide great investment and collaborative opportunities that are more favorable than traditional investment methods with our wide professional networks of financial consultants, diversified funds, and state-of-the-art technology.

While helping different enterprises gain capital, investors can choose how and what financial strategies can give the highest return. Our job is to make sure that everyone will reap the benefits of this collaboration.

We offer scalable businesses for sale

Are you getting sick and tired of the regular office hours that eats up your entire morning and afternoon? Does the idea of being your own boss excite you? The entrepreneurship route is never smooth sailing at the start. It is a pain-staking process to learn the basics of building your brand, marketing strategies, to sourcing for reliable suppliers. Thankfully, you no longer have to begin a business from scratch to kickstart an entrepreneurship career. At Firstan Capital, we specialise in the selling of scalable businesses with long-term profit potential, allowing you to by-pass the agonising initial stages of trial and error. Of course, you might have the ill-perception that the business is at a standstill, or is facing some form of financial distress, thus leading to its sale in the first place. As business owners ourselves, we understand the apprehensive mentality of our clients who scrutinises a business for flaws which would potentially hamper its future performance. We pride ourselves in being transparent in marketing our businesses. The performance history to the customers’ email database will be explicitly delegated to you – the new business owner. If you have the technical know-how in upscaling an existing business or have extensive knowledge in a particular industry, buying a business might just be for you. Moreover, novice business owners who are ready to devote their time and effort could consider venturing into scaling a business as a career change.

We will purchase your business

On the other hand, if you are a business owner who plans to sell your business due to various reasons, you could get in touch with one of our customer service representatives to obtain an accurate price quote. It could be due to stagnant growth from the COVID-19 pandemic, retirement, or uneasiness towards the industry prospects. No matter the reasons, we will assess your business’ worth by reviewing the following factors:

1. The total value of assets: This includes vehicles, machinery, equipment, furniture & fittings, and many more. Existing debts and liabilities will be considered as well.

2. Earnings multiple: We will gauge the earnings potential of your business using financial ratios such as the price-to-earnings (PE) ratio.

Apart from the key factors as laid out above, we will take into account your cash flow, sales revenue, and other non-financial factors to derive an accurate market value of your business.


Is your business facing stagnant growth at the moment? Are you financially incapable to pull-through the COVID-19 pandemic? It could be that you lack the capital for future expansions. We will be glad to join forces to share our fountain of expertise to enhance the competitiveness of your firm. In particular, our deep-rooted knowledge of finance-related activities will be a vital addition to your business.

We are open to collaborations with businesses who are lacking in our diverse skillset. Our team of adept financial consultants to our state-of-the-art technologies will be a fantastic complement for your surplus cash needs.

Traded endowment policy

Catering to risk-averse individuals, our traded endowment policy (TEP), also known as second-hand policies, is a combination of a high-growth savings plan with life insurance coverage. Unlike a newly purchased endowment policy, TEPs allows you to by-pass the mandatory commission and setup fees required. The two desirable traits of TEPs are listed below:

1. Higher returns compared to a new endowment policy
As these are policies which are resold by ex-policyholders, our clients need not fork out the additional commission and setup fees.

2. Shorter maturity date
Endowment policies are distinguished for their long maturity date. By purchasing a TEP, you will reap the benefits of a shorter plan compared to making a purchase directly from an insurer.


We cannot guarantee a fixed timeframe. Each business is distinct in nature and will carry price points that are subjected exclusively to its past performance and industry prospects.

Our customer service representative will present a list of businesses for you to choose from.

If none of them fits your criteria, we will inform you on potential leads when we receive a business description that fits your preference. Please provide us with the following factors:

  1. Type of business: Are you looking for a product or service line to upscale?
  2. Industry: Do you have prior experience building a business in a particular industry? It could be that you are looking specifically for businesses engaging in the sale of dog leashes or a service-line that focuses on home-cleaning services.
  3. Budget: Our businesses for sale comes in all shapes and sizes. Those that have a widespread following on social media, and a colossal base of loyal customers that generates a sizable amount of profits monthly might be outside of your budget. Conversely, we deal with small-scale businesses that goes for a significantly lower selling price.

Note: These factors are not non-exhaustive

We believe in the traditional goals of forming a business partnership – to complement each other’s skillset with our diverse expertise. To put it bluntly, we will only partner with companies that we foresee to have a long-term profit-potential. With our extensive financial knowledge, we are confident in amplifying a profitable businesses’ cash surplus and would fully commit into enhancing your financial situation.

A traded endowment policy (TEP) is a life policy that has been resold. Both the benefits and obligations of a TEP will be fully transferred to the new policyholder.

Did you know that endowment policies are transferrable? Compared to surrendering your endowment policies, we will purchase them at a higher rate. Simply give us a call and liaise with our customer service representative. We will perform a quick analysis of your policy before reverting back with an accurate price quote.