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Debt Consultancy

Debt can make or break a company’s economic growth. If debts are not handled in the utmost of care, it can ruin people’s livelihood and peace of mind.

With our no-obligation debt consultancy services, we can help you make an in-depth analysis of debts in your name or your company’s and create proper arrangements and payment plans that will work for both you and your creditors.

Issues will not arise if loans and debts are paid on time. However, mispayments can incur hefty fees and interests that may hurt the business budget. In these cases, we provide debt consolidation plans to save people from these unnecessary financial problems.

1. We will counsel and advice you

The Global Debt Database had reported a staggering US$188 trillion of debt in 2019 alone. With debt having such a notorious reputation tied to its name, how exactly do we get so financially impoverished from owing a tremendous sum of money? Simply put, you were not prepared. No worries, not all of us financial experts who had committed our lives to managing money. Our professionals had gone through the thick and thin of obtaining awards and well-respected certificates to obtain the relevant financial know-how. We have an escape plan designed just for you!

During times of despair, our certified consultancy team is at your service. We offer a no-obligation consultation service to address your financial needs directly. There’s no need to keep your debt problems from letting you get your good night sleep each day. Our well-established team had gone through vigorous training and real-life cases, all built upon 10 years of extensive experience in this industry. With a customer-oriented mindset and an undying drive to solve your one-of-kind financial needs, your problems are in safe hands.

2. Prevent legal sue, bankruptcy, Writ of Summon (WOS), Writ of Garnishment, Writ of Seizure and Sale (WSS)

Finance is tricky. Credit cards make it seem as if you have an unlimited spending power at the tip of your fingers. Lengthy intermittent payments seep your hard-earned money every month. Money makes the world go round, and firms will resort to devious means to entice you with sketchy payment plans.

The mountains of financial commitments could spiral into debt troubles. Worse comes to worst, you may receive a Writ of Summon right at your doorstep – A situation that frightens even the most distinguished entrepreneurs from taking the next big leap. Your fundamental human liberties will be stripped from you, leaving you in a state of bankruptcy. The place that you return to every day from work and share invaluable memories for years and years will be seized by disgruntled creditors – who have every right to do so.

Our previous clients who had walked away a free man are living proofs of our successful debt consolidation plans. We will provide you with a chance at redemption. After all, we are here to help you stay away from a permanent state of indebtedness that could destroy or credit score. Besides, it could even affect your family relations as portrayed on mainstream media. From divorce cases to constant arguments revolving money management from family members.

3. We provide personalised solutions, with no strings attached

Have you taken a stroll at the park or gazed upon your bank account and felt a slight itch at the back of your mind, reminding you of your outstanding debts? We’ll be your fountain of wealth that can ‘magically’ make your debt concerns perish sooner than expected. Our teams’ long-serving role as debt consultants will provide you with a comforting presence, by collating your non-secured debts into a basket for simple management. Besides, we will give uncensored advice which caters exclusively to your individual needs.

At this point, financial management is like second nature to us. We are so well-adept in our professions that mathematically confusing interest rates that make you see butterflies are simply a stroll in the park for us. We understand how your creditors’ think, even those deceitful ones that mask hidden payments or interests for their selfish gains at the cost of your financial well-being. Utilising all 10 years of our knowledge in this field, we are committed to handling your debts, to reach the end goal of financial relief.

Always remember, a consultation with us is free-of-charge and has no strings attached in the process. During the consultation process, we will leverage our financial expertise and technical know-how to keep your money concerns addressed. Treat is as free therapy before you get too engrossed in our plans!

4. We are here for you

All of us have different ambitions and lifestyles that we want to maintain. However, an over-zealous individual might get too caught up in living a life that he/she cannot afford. It might be getting a property that is outside of your financial capabilities or to keep up with the latest fashion trends that burn a hole in your wallet. As for others, it is the kind-heartedness of paying medical bills for a dear family member that leads to a crippling debt situation.

Trust me, our professionals had dealt with problems that span from one end of the spectrum to another. We are humans just like you, that are subjected to this money-hungry society. Although ignorance is bliss in some situation, in money-handling context, you’ll regret refraining from contacting one of our licensed professionals. As opposed to ‘free’ sample plans that charge a delivery fee, we offer a completely free-of-charge consultation that could help you turn over a new leaf. What is there to lose?

We are simply diverse in educational and industry backgrounds. Our passionate team of consultants are fortunate enough to enrol in financial courses that makes us ideal money-handlers. Unlike a Police Officer or a Nurse’s role, our profession is stereotyped as money-savvy and self-obsession with finances. However, we look at it from another angle. Yes, we are different from front-line lifesavers. Still, as money consultants, we are altruistic souls that strive to save our clients from financial despair. We understand the feeling of having your hopes and dreams crushed because of a single ignorant decision that snowballs into a financial disaster.

Be it personal or corporate debt, we will craft out a personalised program that is tuned to meet your financial needs. We will dig into the ins and outs of your debt obligations before advising on the best possible course-of-action for you. Reiterating our mission statement, we will derive the best debt management plans in the shortest possible time frame upon receiving your call for a consultation request.


Our debt counselling service is completely free.

We will derive a practical solution to solve your individual needs. For instance, we will advise you debt repayment options such as the debt consolidation plan which manages individuals with multiple debt obligations.

Financial debt is a frightening situation that none of us wants to be in. We will assist you in making sound borrowing decisions to stray away from the path of indebtedness.

A debt consolidation plan merges all your existing non-secured loans (e.g. credit card debts or personal loans) into a bundle, with lower interest rates. It prevents the hassle of making separate repayments and avoids accidental mispayments that incur hefty penalties.

A debt consolidation plan is only available for Singaporeans and permanent residents (PR) at the moment. To be eligible, you must have an annual income of between S$30,000 and S$120,000. Also, the total unsecured loans must account for a minimum of 12 months of your annual income.